Sunday, February 24, 2008

Animal camouflage

Hello everyone,

Believe it or not, we've gotten interested in animal camouflage. Come to our next meeting to find out why. Here are the papers we'll focus on:

R. Hanlon. 2007. Cephalopod dynamic camouflage. Current Biology, 17, 11, R400-R404.

Cuthill IC, Stevens M, Sheppard J, Maddocks T, Párraga CA, Troscianko TS. 2006. Disruptive coloration and background pattern matching. Nature 434(7029), 72-4.

Martin Stevens, Innes C. Cuthill. 2006. Disruptive coloration, crypsis and edge detection in early visual processing. Proc. Royal Society B, 273, 1598, 2141-2147.

...and here is some more detail we likely won't get to this time around:

Chuan-Chin Chiao and Roger T. Hanlon. 2001. Cuttlefish camouflage: visual perception of size, contrast and number of white squares on artificial checkerboard substrata initiates disruptive coloration. J. Experimental Biology 204, 2119-2125.

Kelman EJ, Baddeley RJ, Shohet AJ, Osorio D. 2007. Perception of visual texture and the expression of disruptive camouflage by the cuttlefish, Sepia officinalis. Proc Biol Sci. 274(1616):1369-75.

Lydia M. Mäthger, Alexandra Barbosa, Simon Miner and Roger T. Hanlon. 2006. Color blindness and contrast perception in cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) determined by a visual sensorimotor assay. Vision Research, 46, 11, 1746-1753.



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