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Fwd: SEMINAR THIS AFTERNOON, April 16, 2008: Stories, Games, and Multidisciplinarity

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Subject: SEMINAR THIS AFTERNOON, April 16, 2008: Stories, Games, and Multidisciplinarity
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    Department of Computer Science Colloquium Series 2007-2008
        *** Celebrating the 40th Anniversary in 2007 ***

             Stories, Games, and Multidisciplinarity
    Gunnar Liestol, Media and Communication Department, University of Oslo

        Date:  Wednesday, April 16, 2008
      Time:  01:30 PM (talk begins)
     Place:  Burns Auditorium Kamphoefner Hall,
             NCSU Historical Campus                <<== NOTE!!!

   More info and parking:

   Host: Michael Young, Computer Science/Digital Games Research Center

   NOTE: If you want to schedule a meeting with the speaker,
         please contact the host.
This presentation about multidisciplinarity in game studies will propose how concepts from literary theory (Genette and Greimas) can be applied to the analysis of computer gaming. It will also discuss in a more general way some strategies for handling multidisciplinarity in research on digital textuality, including game studies and digital design. Examples will be drawn from Professor Liestol's current work in relation on positioning and mobility.

Gunnar Liestol is professor at the Department of Media & Communication, University of Oslo. He has a Magister degree in General and Comparative Literature and a Dr. Philos. degree in Media studies with a thesis on Rhetorics of Hypermedia Design. He has designed mulitmedia systems in collaboration with Norwegian and International Publishing houses, and published articles and books on the theory and practice of digital media design. He is currently directing a research project on mobility, positioning and digital genre design.

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