Thursday, May 22, 2008

Finds:,,, and more

Hi folks,

Our inaugural "finds" post is going to be longer than others, but I'll try and keep it succinct:
  • twistori visualizes twitter's tweets containing the words "love", "hate", "think" etc. I'm not sure we learn much from it (probably because this collects the thoughts of all tweeters), but it's oddly compelling to see the public, transient thoughts of others scrolling by.
  • summize is a tool for searching tweets; it's used by twistori and others. You can search for tweets in certain geo areas. You can turn the search results into feeds. Nice. The site includes a nice list of apps using summize, including twistori and others such as...
  • twitter spectrum, which visualizes the words that co-occur in tweets with two search terms (e.g. Obama and Clinton). Words that co-occur more with one of the terms are closer to that term in location and color. t spectrum was built by Jeff Clark, whose Neoformix blog covers all sorts of viz, most lately text. His spectra were inspired by Chris Harrison, a grad student at CMU's HCI Institute (who has built a number of interesting visualizations himself). Jeff has also built a news spectrum that uses google news as the source.
  • is a toolset that lets visitors currently looking at the same page "see" and chat with one another, through widgets on the page itself. Not sure about this one because it's never worked well for me (maybe my flash blocker?), but sounds cool.
That's it for now! Dave Crist found something cool at MSNBC; I'll ask him to post it.



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