Thursday, June 12, 2008

Meets: ACM CHI -- zooming in

Hi folks,

Let's close out our consideration of CHI by zooming in on two topics: visual information design and awareness/interruptibility.

We probably won't get to all of these, but it's good to have this list regardless. (Note there are a few related to these that we've already skimmed).




Visual information design:

Supporting the analytical reasoning process in information visualization
Yedendra Babu Shrinivasan, Jarke J. van Wijk

Metrics for measuring human interaction with interactive visualizations for information analysis
Theresa A. O'Connell, Yee-Yin Choong

An exploratory study of visual information analysis
Petra Isenberg, Anthony Tang, Sheelagh Carpendale

AutoCardSorter: designing the information architecture of a web site using latent semantic analysis
Christos Katsanos, Nikolaos Tselios, Nikolaos Avouris


The buzz: supporting user tailorability in awareness applications
James R. Eagan, John T. Stasko

Emotion rating from short blog texts
Alastair J. Gill, Darren Gergle, Robert M. French, Jon Oberlander

Lean and zoom: proximity-aware user interface and content magnification
Chris Harrison, Anind K. Dey

The cost of interrupted work: more speed and stress
Gloria Mark, Daniela Gudith, Ulrich Klocke


  1. Hi folks!

    We spoke primarily about two papers: Egan and Stasko on a system for monitoring information flows, and Gill et al. on emotion rating of short texts.

    The first was primarily interesting to me as a summary of work on the sort of stuff Riley, Chris and I and other DesignTech folks have been involved in. The software engineering here was the real topic of the paper -- I can't say I was very convinced by the visuals.

    The second was interesting b/c it's something on our minds at the DGL. Again, it's a useful summary of prior work, and it seems to confirm that no one (in the graphics/hci world at least) has computerized emotion extraction from text.

    We'll have to leave the other papers on our agenda for the future, I suppose!


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