Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meets: abs and pics -- SIGGRAPH


Let's go over the recent SIGGRAPH event. Everyone have a look at the table of contents at the ACM DL, and pick 2-4 papers you think are worth skimming. We'll choose a few of these and dive deeper in the following week.




  1. I picked these, that are interesting to me. And are kind of related to what Im working on.

    -This one could be the most useful to me at this point.

    Real-time, all-frequency shadows in dynamic scenes

    -This might be a good thing to think about for what comes.

    Light field transfer: global illumination between real and synthetic objects

    -Just for general knowledge

    Multidimensional adaptive sampling and reconstruction for ray tracing

  2. This is the one most related my project: Perception of complex aggregates

    The section on "Folding and Unfolding Surfaces" looks pretty cool.

    Also one of those multi-scale or scale free image decomposition papers might me interesting as followup to the one we looked at last semester.