Friday, August 01, 2008

Meets: summarization

Hi folks,

Since we didn't get to summarization last time, we picked up that thread this time around. We talked about these two classic papers:

Luhn, HP. 1958. The Automatic Creation of Literature Abstracts. IBM Journal of Research and Development, 2, 2, 159.

Edmundson, H. P. 1969. New Methods in Automatic Extracting. J. ACM 16, 2 (Apr. 1969), 264-285.

Both fairly simple. The first emphasizes content frequency, the second emphasizes structural cues such as headings, textual position, and "(un-)important" cues.



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  1. Two additional readings we glanced at:

    A trainable document summarizer
    Authors: Kupiec,Julian; Pedersen,Jan; Chen,Francine
    Source: 1995, 68-73, J. ACM.

    Automatic Abstracting Research at Chemical Abstracts Service
    Authors: Pollock,
    Source: Journal of chemical information and computer sciences, 1975, 15, 4, 226, American Chemical Society