Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Talk: Andy Wilson of Sandia on visualizing thousands of simulations

Hi folks,

The CS dept is being visited by Andy Wilson of Sandia National Labs, who'll talk about cutting edge visualization problems in science.

Come if you can! The talk is at 3pm, 3211 EB-II, pizza to follow.



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Toward Visualization of Ensemble Data Sets
(or, As If One Simulation Weren't Enough)

Most scientific visualization efforts to date have focused on display,
analysis and exploration of a single simulation result at a time.  As
physics codes gain greater fidelity and predictive capability, one
simulation is no longer enough: instead, ensembles of tens to thousands of
runs are used to explore simulation behavior over a wide range of initial
conditions.  Data sets of manageable size suddenly balloon to tens or
hundreds of terabytes.

This increase in size makes interactive visualization rather more
challenging.  I will describe early work toward ensemble visualization using
statistical measures instead of direct data values and database access
semantics rather than the traditional data pipeline.  I intend to raise more
questions than answers and perhaps even start a few arguments.

I will also present a brief overview of Sandia National Laboratories.
Sandia has opportunities open at all levels in a range of fields across
engineering and computer science.  For more information, please contact me
via email or at the PhD Career Fair at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill on
Thursday, November 13.

Andy Wilson
Sandia National Laboratories

(*** NOTE TO DR HEALEY: If there's spare time in the schedule apart from
demos, brainstorming and lunch I might like to be able to meet with a few
interested students.  I don't know exactly what the afternoon will look like
so I'll leave this to your discretion.)

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