Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meet: abs & pics -- ACM CHI 2009

Hey folks,

Today at 1:30 we'll survey the papers being presented at the ACM CHI 2009 conference. You can find the papers online here.



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  1. Our favorites: ben's:

    Correlating low-level image statistics with users - rapid aesthetic
    and affective judgments of web pages
    Exploring the analytical processes of intelligence analysts
    Getting inspired!: understanding how and why examples are used in
    creative design practice
    PenLight: combining a mobile projector and a digital pen for dynamic
    visual overlay
    It's not that important: demoting personal information of low
    subjective importance using GrayArea
    The performance of touch screen soft buttons
    Theory-driven design strategies for technologies that support behavior
    change in everyday life
    NewsCube: delivering multiple aspects of news to mitigate media bias
    Fly: a tool to author planar presentations
    A comprehensive study of frequency, interference, and training of
    multiple graphical passwords
    Comparing usage of a large high-resolution display to single or dual
    desktop displays for daily work
    Improving visual search with image segmentation
    Sizing the horizon: the effects of chart size and layering on the
    graphical perception of time series visualizations
    An intuitive model of perceptual grouping for HCI design
    The "Beauty Dilemma": beauty is valued but discounted in product choice
    Contextual web history: using visual and contextual cues to improve
    web browser history
    Note to self: examining personal information keeping in a lightweight
    note-taking tool
    Ephemeral adaptation: the use of gradual onset to improve menu
    selection performance
    A user study on visualizing directed edges in graphs