Monday, September 21, 2009

Meet: More Abs & Pics -- High Performance Graphics 2009

Hey all,

Last week we finished our examination of High Performance Rendering conference proceedings. You can find the proceedings online here. (If you don't have NCSU/ACM access, you can find most of the content here, along with many of the talk slides).

You can find a last of papers we discussed in some depth after the break.



We focused on the last three sessions:
  • Morphological Antialiasing, Kalojanov and Slusallek. The paper describes a technique that relies on pixel level analysis to antialias.
  • A Directionally Adaptive Edge Anti-Aliasing Filter, Iourcha, Yang and Pomianowski. These folks take advantage of the new GPU access to sub-pixel antialiasing samples to improve reconstruction.
  • Efficient ray traced soft shadows using multi-frusta tracing, Benthin & Wald. These folks describe a frustum-based method for creating soft shadows on the new SIMD architectures.
  • There are a number of papers that focus on sorting or other adjustments of streams to improve parallel efficiency, on both CPUs and GPUs. These look like good places to learn about efficient GPU programming.

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