Thursday, June 24, 2010

Find: Interview - Karim Rashid about Information Aesthetics in Industrial Design

For some readers, Karim Rashid is a famous industrial designer whose ultra-bright, ever-positive and organic designs in the fields of interiors, fashion, furniture, lighting, art and music does not need any introduction. Even design-agnostic geeks might have encountered some of his latest objects, for instance in the form of funky portable hard disks or brightly shining laptops.

So how is a ultra-creative and outspoken designer like Karim Rashid connected to the practice of data visualization? Well, if you would have asked me several days ago, I would not have known either. However, luckily Karim recently contacted me, claiming he coined the term "infosthetics" more than 15 years ago. Naturally, I could not leave this claim undocumented, and in return, I challenged him to do an interview.

So, what does Karim Rashid consider aesthetic in information? What are the concepts behind terms like 'blobject', 'infosthetics', 'pleasurtronics', 'technorganic', 'digipop' or 'infotainment'? How will design be able to solve our ever increasing information addiction? And how does the peace-loving-hugging Karim react to the rift between science and art?

Read the interview below!

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