Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Meets: abs & pics -- from our paper monitor

This week we started our group meetings again -- it's been a while. Here's what caught our eye while catching up on recent content in our DGL paper monitor:
  • Don Norman on the practice/research gap in Interactions July/August 2010. Not fully published yet, but sounds interesting.
  • Patsula et al. on cognitive models for web menus in HCI International July 2010. Related to our own menuing work.
  • International J of HCI published an interesting list of future HCI events, including MobileHCI, Human Factors, a conference on Mass Customization and Personalization.
  • Debattista et al. on waitless GPU irradiance caching in IEEE CG&A. Related to some of our own work.
  • Charles Thacker talks about his pioneering work on the Alto and networking, and on his current work on multicore computing, in Communications of the ACM. You can build a 15 core computer on a single $750 FPGA board these days, he says.
  • Takeo Igarashi, developer of the Teddy modeling system, talks about his efforts to make 3D/computer graphics modeling accessible to everyone, in Communications of the ACM.
  • Elmqvist, Dragicevic and Fekete talk about techniques for optimizing color scales, and provide user studies, in IEEE TVCG June 2010. Related to our work on quilts.
  • Shaw talks about creativity being a collective and visual process in the Creativity and Cognition conference. Especially interesting for its methods of collecting data.
  • Forlizzi & DiSalvo talk about microsketching, a new technique for connecting data collection and design in the C & C conference. Always interested in new, lightweight prototyping techniques.
We stopped in the middle of scanning C&C, just before the theory methods metrics session. Plenty to more to mine in C&C, in the main event, workshops and tutorial.



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