Thursday, July 08, 2010

Find: 30 Great Visualization Resources in 30 Days

As a visualization expert, the first thing you always have to do when dealing with a new person is explaining what you do.  Many people have seen so many badly done infographics and excel charts that they think that is the state of the art for data visualization, and convincing them otherwise can be difficult.  Juice Analytics has a great new poster available that can turn anyone from ignorant to knowledgeable in 30 days at less than 30 minutes a day.

One of the hurdles we frequently come up against is that people who aren t actively participating in the visualization discussion don t know what s possible. All they ve ever seen in many cases are the confusing dashboards charts and graphs that are all too prevalent from the vendors in our space. You know the ones a thick layer of technology slathered with some gloss and wiggle between two slices of "do it yourself".

It won't make them experts, but at least they won't be ignorant.

via 30 Great Visualization Resources in 30 Days: Juice Analytics.

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