Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Find: NVidia releases new 3D Vision Pro, OptiX2, SceniX 6

Stereo with rf glasses serve crowds. New geometry shading stuff. 

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NVidia releases new 3D Vision Pro, OptiX2, SceniX 6

Huge day for NVidia.  First the amazing Quadro Fermi series (Read our review of the Quadro 5000), and now new 3D Vision Pro and new AXE systems.  First, let's discuss the impressive new 3D Vision Pro.

NVidia brings their 3D Vision Pro to a new class of applications with one simple change:  Switching from IR transmitters to RF transmitters.  This effectively eliminates line of sight problems, opening the 3D Vision use for crowds of people, multi-screen displays, and VR environments like the CAVE.  Also, this allows them to synchronize glasses to specific displays, as they've done in their impressive SIGGRAPH Booth.  3D is a big driver today, and they've got around a dozen different 3D displays running different demos all around the booth.  Each display has about 4 3d glasses synced to it, and they don't interfere with other displays, nor do the glasses work with other displays.  The display can effectively turn the glasses on and off, without messing with other displays.  This kind of managed interface is critical for large-scale professional applications.

"By providing large scale visualization capabilities and remote management capabilities, NVIDIA is pioneering 3D technology for the enterprise, opening the door for professional users and large scale visualization system integrators to utilize 3D in ways not thought of before."  Dr. Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Research.

The other big announcement coming out right now is the slew of updates in the AXE suite, the Application Acceleration Engines.  These are the various support technologies based around the NVidia brand like OptiX (ray tracer), SceneX (scene graph) and others.  Today they'are announcing major revisions to several of them.


  • New Bezier Patch geometry class, using Cg tessellation programs for the smoothest of surfaces on NVIDIA Fermi architecture class GPUs;
  • OptiX 2 support for faster, interactive ray tracing;
  • Continued improvements in overall performance and fidelity, and;
  • Future support for iray by mental images.

NVIDIA Cg Toolkit 3

  • New tessellation programs, allowing displacement and procedural surfaces to dynamically adapt their tessellation in real-time on the latest NVIDIA Fermi architecture class GPUs, and;
  • OpenGL 4 and DirectX 11 level of programmability for the latest in portable, cross platform effects.


  • Optimizations for new NVIDIA Fermi architecture class GPUs, delivering up to 4X performance over previous gene...

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