Monday, July 26, 2010

Find: SIGGRAPH: Future Directions of Graphics Research

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SIGGRAPH: Future Directions of Graphics Research

This afternoon I took in a panel discussion entitled "Future Directions of Graphics Research".  I had expected a panel of experts going into blue-sky visions of research so mind-bending it would leave us all raving lunatics, but instead I found something much different.

The Computer Graphics industry is suffering from its own success.  Recent smashes like Avatar, Toy Story 3, and others have several people thinking that computer graphics is 'done', there's no more research to do.  The technology has matured to the point where we can not only realistically create digital actors, but completely make up alien planets and worlds.  What is possibly left to do?

Such thinking is beginning to impact researchers and academics financially, as government grants are becoming more and more scarce.  Shrinking government budgets doesn't help things, so the academic community has decided to come together and write up a lengthy report to the National Science Foundation (NSF) detailing areas that still need research.

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