Monday, August 02, 2010

Find: Thompson at wired - phone is whithering. Some good thoughts.

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Linkpost | 8.1.2010

Clive Thompson on the Death of the Phone Call – The voice call is a lesser form of communications than others available to us, Thompson says. He thinks the voice call "deserves to die". I kind of agree.

Researcher detained at U.S. border, questioned about Wikileaks – Three of his phones were taken, and he was later approached by FBI agents at the Defcon Hacking Conference.

Hacker shows how he can intercept cell phone calls with $1,500 device (video) – He claimed at Defcon that he can listen in on 80 percent of the world's phone calls.

Rival Smartphone Attenuation Videos Vanish From Apple's Website – All those videos showing other smartphones' "Death Grip" issues? Yeah, they're history . . . unless you visit the Canadian Apple site or Apple's YouTube channel.

Technologies Help Adult Children Monitor Aging Parents – Services now let you monitor a remarkable number of a senior's activities and vital signs.

Cookie Madness! – Jeff Jarvis says there's nothing new in the Wall Street Journal's series on Web privacy.

Ballmer (and Microsoft) still doesn't get the iPad – Steve Ballmer says Microsoft-based tablets will run Windows, but that's the whole problem: Windows, and the software the runs on it, isn't designed for touch. That's one big reason why Tablet PCs have failed so far.

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