Thursday, August 05, 2010

Find: Wattenberg and viegas at google

That was fast. Wattenberg and viegas move IBM to flowing data to google. 

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That was fast!

It seems like just yesterday (or two blog posts ago) that we announced the beginning of Flowing Media.

But today we are bidding the company adieu. Google managed to snatch us away from Flowing Media with their amazing playground of data to be visualized. (The free food was only a secondary consideration, honest.)

It's been a wonderful, though short, ride at Flowing Media. We hope that our recent TimeFlow analytical timeline project will be a lasting contribution of the fleeting company.

Right now we're at orientation in Mountain View, becoming, as they say, more "googley." In the months to come we'll be starting a visualization group in Google's office in Cambridge, MA. We're very excited about the possibilities!

Stay tuned. :)

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