Sunday, June 12, 2011

Find: Raleigh CityCamp winning team vizzes school data, mobile gov 2.0 gains locally

Team Opens School Data, Takes Home $5k

Carlos Santana, Kevin Flanagan, Bryan LeClaire, Kelly Reid, Hope Ethington and Jason Horne deliver their presentation at City Camp Raleigh on how to open up government data.

Editor’s note: The Raleigh Public Record was a CityCamp Raleigh sponsor. Bryan LeClaire, one of the winning group team members, is reporter for the Record.

A six-person team that spent the weekend making it easier for the public to access school performance data took home the top prize Sunday at CityCamp Raleigh.

Other teams

Using telepresence technology, this group wanted to create a “magic mirror” to connect Raleigh public places with sister cities around the world through giant video screens.

Agilis Energy
By harnessing smart meter data and advanced energy analytics, the group wanted to find a way to “make sustainability pay.”

You speak for me
An online system would enable citizens to express their views on local legislation by drafting position statements or voting up the statements of others, which would be read at council meetings or public forums by volunteers.

5-points CSA
Social media marketing would mean more awareness for farmers in community-supported agriculture programs.

Citizen Interviews
Train the underemployed to interview citizens about their feelings on local issues and translate that data into audio and written reports for decision makers.

Team Use Open Source
Have governments embrace open-source software and hardware to save money and increase efficiency.

EZ Riders
Using QR codes and automated message services, paired with forthcoming GPS tracking data on Triangle buses, the group wanted to make commutes easier by opening access to real-time route information to anyone with a phone.

The three-day “unconference” brought together citizens, business professionals and city leaders to discuss ways to make government more transparent using open data and open-source tools. Team “Open it Up” was one of eight groups to vie for a $5,000 prize to turn ideas from the conference into actual solutions.

During their presentation to a crowd of about 30 other attendees and a handful of judges on CityCamp’s final day, team members explained their efforts were guided by a need to do more with publicly available government data.

“We want to open...
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