Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spotted: Characterizing structural relationships in scenes...

Indexing 3d scene models using graphs.

Characterizing structural relationships in scenes using graph kernels

via ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG)-Current Issue by on 8/6/11
Matthew Fisher, Manolis Savva, Pat Hanrahan

Modeling virtual environments is a time consuming and expensive task that is becoming increasingly popular for both professional and casual artists. The model density and complexity of the scenes representing these virtual environments is rising rapidly. This trend suggests that data-mining a 3D scene corpus could be a very powerful tool enabling more efficient scene design. In this paper, we show how to represent scenes as graphs that encode models and their semantic relationships. We then define a kernel between these relationship graphs that compares common virtual substructures in two graphs and captures the similarity between their corresponding scenes. We apply this framework to several scene modeling problems, such as finding similar scenes, relevance feedback, and context-based model search.

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