Sunday, December 04, 2011

Spotted: An Optimal Control Approach for Texture Metamorphosis

Texture perception is still poorly understood. We've given thought to this problem. 

An Optimal Control Approach for Texture Metamorphosis


In this paper, we introduce a new texture metamorphosis approach for interpolating texture samples from a source texture into a target texture. We use a new energy optimization scheme derived from optimal control principles which exploits the structure of the metamorphosis optimality conditions. Our approach considers the change in pixel position and pixel appearance in a single framework. In contrast to previous techniques that compute a global warping based on feature masks of textures, our approach allows to transform one texture into another by considering both intensity values and structural features of textures simultaneously. We demonstrate the usefulness of our approach for different textures, such as stochastic, semi-structural and regular textures, with different levels of complexities. Our method produces visually appealing transformation sequences with no user interaction.

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