Sunday, January 15, 2012

Find: Lytro's quirky camera is equal bits awkward, fun

Details from the stanford startup in light field photography. 

Ars Technica

Imaging start-up Lytro, which hopes to revolutionize photography with its innovative light field capture technique, was giving demonstrations of its upcoming digital pocket camera at CES. We got a few short minutes to play with a working prototype, which we were told isn't 100 percent final. While the unusual shape and button arrangement do take a little getting used to, we had fun trying our hand at capturing images and changing the focus after the fact.

The Lytro is a smallish but chunky aluminum tube which houses an 8x optical zoom lens. The camera is well weighted, but it's a bit larger than we expected. The rear section is covered in a grippy rubber material, with a shutter button on top and a power button on the bottom. a small flap on the bottom also reveals a micro-USB port, and along the top is a small textured strip that actually works as a capacitive touch zoom slider.

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