Thursday, March 01, 2012

Find: Lytro review

The light field tech is great, but the device falls a bit short. But these seem iterative concerns to me. Put it in my phone please. 

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Lytro hero (1024px)

There are a few easy ways to make a digital camera better: make the sensor bigger, improve the quality of the lens, speed up the processor. But those are incremental improvements on a basic technology that hasn’t changed much in a long time. Lytro scrapped all that and built the self-titled Lytro camera, a digital camera that neither looks nor operates like any camera you’ve ever seen: it measures megarays instead of megapixels, captures light fields instead of light, and lets you focus your pictures after you’ve taken them. The company promises more impressive, more malleable, and more useful pictures than you’ve ever gotten from a camera before. We’ve been following the Lytro since its inception, and there’s absolutely no...

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