Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spotted: Polyzoom -- an alternative to pan and zoom in 2d imagery

I wonder if these folks apply these ideas to mobiles?

Polyzoom: multiscale and multifocus exploration in 2d visual spaces

Waqas Javed, Sohaib Ghani, Niklas Elmqvist

The most common techniques for navigating in multiscale visual spaces are pan, zoom, and bird's eye views. However, these techniques are often tedious and cumbersome to use, especially when objects of interest are located far apart. We present the PolyZoom technique where users progressively build hierarchies of focus regions, stacked on each other such that each subsequent level shows a higher magnification. Correlation graphics show the relation between parent and child viewports in the hierarchy. To validate the new technique, we compare it to standard navigation techniques in two user studies, one on multiscale visual search and the other on multifocus interaction.

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