Wednesday, June 06, 2012

News: Students in summer mobiles course excel at CityCamp Raleigh and win $5000 prize

Students learn more when they apply their new skills with real clients. To find clients for students in this summer's interdisciplinary Mobile App Design course, we sent them to CityCamp Raleigh. In the end, they far exceeded our expectations. Perhaps even their own!

(Image courtesy CityCamp)

CityCamp events use new technologies to engage citizens and make their governments more transparent. In the week or so leading up to the Raleigh event, our students brainstormed ideas, identified particularly promising ones, and developed them into pitches. The four projects we brought to CityCamp were:

On Friday June 1, we listened while government, business and technical leadership spoke about the the impact technology could have on governments and communities. On Saturday, over 30 attendees lined up to pitch their ideas for one minute each. Organizers selected 25 of these for further development, including all of our students'. Through Saturday and Sunday, attendees lengthened and refined their pitches, often developing prototype apps. At 3pm on Sunday, ten teams, including all of our student teams, pitched their ideas for five minutes. The organizers met to choose the five top projects, and the team that would win at $5000 prize. We did amazingly well:

  • 1st place and $5000 to the R Greenway team
  • 2nd place to Raleigh Retold
  • 4th place to CitySeek Raleigh

A big congratulations to all of our students! You found collaborators, brought a lot of creative energy to CityCamp, and will make a big difference to Raleigh and its citizens.

To stay up to date with our course projects, visit our course's project site. You can learn more about CityCamp and how our students did there in these press reports:

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