Sunday, August 12, 2012

Find: Errol Morris on which fonts we trust more

At least one report says some fonts are more trusted than others. 


Errol Morris on why some fonts are more trustworthy than others

Google fonts

Last month, filmmaker and writer Errol Morris (known for documentaries Standard Operating Procedure and The Fog of War) quoted a brief paragraph and asked New York Times readers if they agreed with its premise: that "we are living in an era of unprecedented safety." Though the question ostensibly measured whether the reader was an optimist or pessimist, Morris was actually testing something different: are people more likely to trust text when it's written in certain fonts?

Now, Morris has published his results, along with an interesting essay on writing and font styles and analysis from psychology professor David Dunning at Cornell University. It turns out that people who saw the statement in "starchy" and formal font Baskerville were...

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