Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What took so long? Cappuccino finally foams up to siggraph - Animating bubble interactions in a liquid foam

Animating bubble interactions in a liquid foam

Oleksiy Busaryev, Tamal K. Dey, Huamin Wang, Zhong Ren

Bubbles and foams are important features of liquid surface phenomena, but they are difficult to animate due to their thin films and complex interactions in the real world. In particular, small bubbles (having diameter <1cm) in a dense foam are highly affected by surface tension, so their shapes are much less deformable compared with larger bubbles. Under this small bubble assumption, we propose a more accurate and efficient particle-based algorithm to simulate bubble dynamics and interactions. The key component of this algorithm is an approximation of foam geometry, by treating bubble particles as the sites of a weighted Voronoi diagram. The connectivity information provided by the Voronoi diagram allows us to accurately model various interaction effects among bubbles.

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