Sunday, May 12, 2013

Find: 'Geography of Hate' maps racism and homophobia on Twitter

Interesting, but at least at first glance, few surprises in location. Since they had humans read all the tweets, I'd be interested in a comparison of human to algorithmic performance. The lab looks interesting. 

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'Geography of Hate' maps racism and homophobia on Twitter

Twitter, even more than many other social media tools, can feel disconnected from the real world. But a group of students and professors at research site Floating Sheep have built a comprehensive map of some of Twitter's most distasteful content: the racist, homophobic, or ableist slurs that can proliferate online. Called Geography of Hate, the interactive map charts ten relatively common slurs across the continental US, either by general category or individually. Looking at the whole country, you'll often see a mass of red or what the map's creators call a "blue smog of hate." Zooming in, however, patches appear over individual regions or cities; some may be predictable, while others are not.

The map builds on an earlier Floating Sheep...

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