Monday, July 15, 2013

Spotted: Style and abstraction in portrait sketching

Machine modeling of style and abstraction in portrait drawing, producing a tool for doing it. 

// published on ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG)-Current Issue // visit site

Style and abstraction in portrait sketching

Itamar Berger, Ariel Shamir, Moshe Mahler, Elizabeth Carter, Jessica Hodgins

We use a data-driven approach to study both style and abstraction in sketching of a human face. We gather and analyze data from a number of artists as they sketch a human face from a reference photograph. To achieve different levels of abstraction in the sketches, decreasing time limits were imposed -- from four and a half minutes to fifteen seconds. We analyzed the data at two levels: strokes and geometric shape. In each, we create a model that captures both the style of the different artists and the process of abstraction. These models are then used for a portrait sketch synthesis application.

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