Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Event: help build a new user experience community at nexUX Camp

Do remember the thrill you felt the first time you saw an iPhone? Technology can be so exciting. But have you ever asked yourself why?

This isn't only a rhetorical question: if you move people, then — well — you move people. When people are excited about technology, they're more likely to have it, use it, and it will have more impact.

The relationship between technology and emotion is a central concern of the booming field of user experience, as are the broader impacts technology has on us. Good user experience can improve lives.

Unfortunately, user experience expertise doesn't currently exist at any one place at the university, or indeed only at the university. If we want to be a player in UX, we need to come together.

So local faculty, students and practitioners are forming nexUX, a nexus for user experience expertise. We're holding a formative event, nexUX Camp, this Friday February 28 at NC State's Hunt Library, from 930-6pm, at which we'll begin deciding what we'll do together. Registration is free.

Please join us, we want your opinion. Help build the nexUX community.

nexUX Camp crib sheet

what: Lightning talks, workshops, and keynote (program)

when: Friday, February 28, 930-6pm (schedule)

where: NC State's Hunt Library (directions)

how: free to anyone (online RSVP)

nexUX Camp speakers

Ross Teague, Senior UX Manager, Allscripts

Chris Paul, SVP Design, LPL Financial

Santiago Piedrafita, Associate Professor, NCSU Graphic Design

Patrick McGowan, Principal, The Service Design Group

Rajiv Ramarajan, Senior Manager – UX, SAS Institute

Christian Holljes, Professor, NCSU Industrial Design

Liza Potts, Michigan State

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Sunday, February 02, 2014

VXLab Post - VX Lab project: Visual communication of knowledge structure

Thanks to technology, visual communication is easier than ever to create and disseminate. Unfortunately, technology hasn't yet been able to help people communicate effectively — thus the catchphrase "Death by Powerpoint." This is particularly unfortunate, as the complexity of our world continues to grow.

Our goals in this project are to understand how visuals help people communicate, and build tools that help people create more effective visuals. We are studying visual communication of knowledge structure, which graphic designers call "visual hierarchy." Knowledge is built not only from facts, but also from the connections we draw between those facts. Visual hierarchy communicates one such set of connections. We are currently engaged in a series of experiments designed to determine when this visual communication is effective.

Principal Investigators: Ju Hee Bae (NCSU), Ben Watson (NCSU)

Thanks to: Anne McLaughlin (NCSU Psych), Doug Gillan (NCSU Psych)


J. Bae & B.A. Watson. (2013). Toward a better understanding and application of the principles of visual communication. In W. Huang (ed.), Handbook of Human Centric Visualization. Springer. ISBN:978-1-4614-7484-5. (website) (pdf)

J. Bae & B.A. Watson (2013). Visual communication of knowledge structure using gestalt principles. Presentation at the North Carolina Cognition Conference. (pdf)